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Young Law Group has distinguished itself as one of the nation’s preeminent whistleblower law firms with its established record of success in industries including health care, pharmaceuticals, finance and banking, manufacturing, and government contracting.

Eric L. Young, Esquire

Eric L. Young, Esquire

In addition to securing the first-ever mandatory tax fraud whistleblower award, Young Law Group’s founder Eric L. Young, Esquire has represented whistleblowers in several of the nation’s largest qui tam recoveries to date under federal and state False Claims Acts.
Peter Lennon, Esquire

Peter A. Lennon, Esquire

Peter A. Lennon, Esquire has applied knowledge and expertise in law, accounting, auditing and finance to represent whistleblowers and defrauded plaintiffs in high-profile complex cases involving fraud under federal and state securities and tax laws.
Brandon J. Lauria, Esquire

Brandon J. Lauria, Esquire

Brandon J. Lauria, Esquire has extensive experience representing whistleblowers in FCA lawsuits as well as tax and securities claims filed under the IRS and SEC whistleblower programs. His clients have assisted the government in recovering more than $1 billion.
Joshua M. Baker, Esquire

Joshua M. Baker, Esquire

Joshua's legal career, fueled by prior experiences as a law clerk and an English teacher, is dedicated to addressing injustices, highlighted by his robust academic and practical legal achievements.
Richard Hollawell, Esquire

Richard J. Hollawell, Esquire

Richard J. Hollawell has gained national recognition for being at the forefront in the battle against the irresponsible doctors and drug companies that have fueled the opioid epidemic in recent years.
Pam Cholden, Esquire

Pamela Cholden, Esquire

Pamela Cholden, Esquire has a broad range of legal experience including healthcare fraud cases against several of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the United States.
Geoff Beauchamp, Esquire

Geoffrey L. Beauchamp, Esquire

As a federal prosecutor in the Philadelphia U.S. Attorney’s Office, Geoffrey L. Beauchamp, Esquire played a pivotal role in the Special Prosecutions Division as lead trial counsel in a high-profile international fraud case.
Doron R. Levin, Of Counsel

Doron R. Levin, Esquire

During the course of his 30 year plus career, Doron R. Levin has represented thousands of clients in advocating for their rights. Defendants who have been the subject of Doron’s efforts are among the largest international employers and corporate giants.

Tracy Feldman

As the current Chief Marketing Officer for Young Law Group, she oversees digital initiatives, including website development, design, and marketing efforts.
Brooke Donnelly

Brooke Keenan

Brooke is a seasoned paralegal who began her legal career at Young Law Group in March of 2017. During her time with the firm, Brooke has played a critical role in a number of high-profile, successful whistleblower cases. When it comes time to get things done, Brooke is second to…

Blair Rosen

Blair has been an integral part of the Young Law Group team for years. Blair's client-oriented focus has been a critical component of the firm's hands on focus. Blair received her Bachelor in Business Administration from Temple University and her certificate in Paralegal Studies from Manor College. Blair enjoys travel…
Anjali Miller

Anjali Miller

Anjali Miller is the current Strategic Communications Analyst at Young Law Group, where she focuses on research efforts integral to digital marketing initiatives and organizational efforts to maximize the firm’s efficiency.
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