Class Actions

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Class Actions

With a collective experience in intricate whistleblower litigation and trial work, YLG has honed in on proficiency in tackling complex class actions.  Years of experiences expertise shines particularly in sectors such as healthcare fraud, securities fraud, anti-trust, and employment litigation. This proficiency stems from a rich history of dealing with high-stakes cases and their unwavering commitment to justice.

For example, in recent years, YLG has capitalized on its successful efforts in assisting the United States government to recover over $3 Billion Dollars in qui tam and whistleblower litigation by bringing the same types claims on behalf of individual litigants in the private sector. For example, YLG attorneys represent numerous employee benefit plans in nationwide class actions which seek to recover fraudulently obtained healthcare costs such as inflated prescription drug payments resulting from unlawful sales and marketing practices by several multi-national pharmaceutical drug companies.

YLG also has developed a recognized expertise in employment class actions brought both under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act and analogous state wage and hour laws. In the last couple of years alone, YLG attorneys have recovered over $50 million dollars on behalf of numerous individual workers who were denied wages and/or overtime compensation for all required hours worked. EY has litigated wage and hour class actions in several industries including meat and poultry processing, warehousing, food services, trucking, and retail.

What Makes A Good Class Action Case?

A good class action case typically involves a large number of individuals who have been harmed in a similar way by a common defendant. This can include cases involving consumer fraud, employment discrimination, or environmental pollution.

The claims of the individual plaintiffs must have common legal and factual issues that can be resolved in a single lawsuit. This means that the plaintiffs must have suffered harm in a similar way and that the defendant’s conduct must have been the cause of that harm.

The lead plaintiff, or class representative, must have a strong claim and be able to adequately represent the interests of the entire class. This means that the lead plaintiff should have suffered harm that is representative of the harm suffered by the entire class and should have a good understanding of the legal issues involved in the case.

The defendant must have sufficient assets or insurance to pay damages to the entire class if the plaintiffs are successful in their lawsuit. This is important because class action cases can be expensive and time-consuming, and it is important to ensure that the plaintiffs will be able to recover damages if they win their case.

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