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Young Law Group specializes in representing whistleblowers. Our personalized, hands-on approach to representing whistleblowers starts with the fact that firm founder, Eric L. Young, is actively involved in each case. This level of personal attention and involvement differentiates YLG from other firms.  We are selective about what cases we accept which enables us to focus on a smaller number of cases and to provide exceptional, quality representation in the process.  Deciding to become a whistleblower can be incredibly difficult and challenging and so it requires exceptional lawyers.

At YLG, we continue to strive to be the best. At the outset of any potential case, YLG lawyers will consult with the prospective whistleblower about the facts and circumstances compelling them to act. This allows us to determine the best strategy for not only protecting the whistleblower, but also for successful resolution of the case. YLG’s proven process is not limited to acting on the information provided by a client. In order to present the best possible case to federal and state agents, we regularly engage our own forensic accountants and investigators to ensure that all relevant evidence is collected for the benefit of our clients’ cases. The result is our proven track record of success.

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