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20+ Years
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Success Stories

Young Law Group founder Eric L. Young has more than 20 years of experience litigating against some of the world’s largest corporations, including drug manufacturers, defense contractors, financial institutions, and insurance companies.  On behalf of their clients, YLG lawyers have recovered more than $3 billion for the federal government and state governments in qui tam whistleblower lawsuits and corresponding class actions.  Mr. Young has successfully represented clients in actions involving the federal False Claims Act as well as the whistleblower programs of the IRS, SEC, CFTC and NHTSA.

over $ 1 Billion Recovered


See our list of successful whistleblower cases which have collectively helped earn recover $3 billion on behalf of the government. We have successfully litigated on behalf of our whistleblower clients against companies in industries that include healthcare, pharma, defense and finance. 


A class-action lawsuit is a civil lawsuit brought on behalf of a group of people or business entities who have suffered common injuries as a result of the defendants’ conduct, with at least one individual or entity acting as a representative of that group.


Helping our clients is our passion.

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