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Pharmaceutical Fraud – Do Your Part to Help Fight

Unfortunately, too many pharmaceutical companies place the pursuit of profits above compliance with the law and the well-being of the innocent patients, who place their trust in their products.  In order to protect their bottom line, some pharmaceutical companies perpetrate countless fraudulent schemes every year and collect billions in misappropriated tax dollars through Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, while the U.S. taxpayers are left holding the bag.  Fortunately, you can help to fight back against pharmaceutical fraud.

Have you, or one of your colleagues, witnessed or heard of questionable behavior on the job with regard to the sales and marketing of pharmaceutical drugs?  Have you been instructed to engage in conduct you know to be improper, or to ignore the improper conduct of others?  Numerous pharmaceutical companies have made a fortune engaging in illegal practices.  These include, marketing drugs for off-label uses, paying kick-backs and bribes to health-care providers, manipulating and misrepresenting data related to the efficacy of products and potential adverse effects, and a host of other improper activity.  Pharmaceutical fraud is prevalent within the industry’s marketing and research and development departments.

The United States is serious about combating fraud.  The False Claims Act is a valuable tool, which allows knowledgeable whistleblowers to assist in holding fraudsters accountable, by filing qui tam lawsuits on behalf of the government.  Recognizing the immeasurable benefit of whistleblowers in the fight against fraud, the False Claims Act is structured in a manner to actively encourage knowledgeable individuals to come forward.  Whistleblowers are protected from all forms of retaliation and receive a substantial monetary award for their assistance, up to thirty-percent of the government’s total recovery.

Young Law Group is a nationwide leader in whistleblower representation and has successfully represented numerous clients in some of the nation’s largest qui tam cases for over a decade.  For a free confidential consultation, please call Eric L. Young, Esquire at (800) 590-4116 or complete our online form.