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Eastern District of PA is a Great Place to Be

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania was recently recognized in The Philadelphia Inquirer for its success in prosecuting false claims cases over the last seven years. In those seven years, the Philadelphia office has recovered nearly $4 BILLION from drugmakers, according to an office summary submitted last week.This figure represents nearly a quarter of all similarly recovered funds by U.S. Attorneys offices nationwide.

Why you should care? At Egan Young, we have fostered a relationship with the US Attorneys Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania while acting as Counsel of Record for numerous qui tam matters.Located only a few miles down the road from the Philadelphia office, our attorneys have earned the respect and reputation necessary to achieve successful results.

If your just learning about the False Claims Act and qui tam matters, it is very important that you understand the respective roles of the government and the whistleblower’s attorney.As with the majority of government agencies, the US Attorney’s Office has to make economic decisions regarding the allocations of resources.Although I am sure that the US Attorneys would appreciate the opportunity to process every viable claim that came across their desk, the economic realities prevent such a situation.As a result, the attorney that you chose to bring your case may play a major role on the government’s interest in your filing.

At Egan Young, we understand the importance of working with the government and for the government to achieve the end goals – to prevent government fraud while rewarding those who bring it to the government’s attention.It is our devotion to assist the government with their investigation and prosecution that has led to the recovery of billions of dollars.

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Young Law Group is a nationwide leader in whistleblower representation and has successfully represented numerous clients in some of the nation’s largest qui tam cases for over a decade.  For a free confidential consultation, please call Eric L. Young, Esquire at (800) 590-4116 or complete our online form.