CFTC Launches New Whistleblower Website

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The CFTC has launched a new, separate website for its Dodd-Frank whistleblower program. Previously, individuals searching for information looked to the CFTC website which contained all of the information for reporting commodities fraud, including the rules, forms, notices of covered actions and award announcements.

The new website hasn’t received major media attention yet. It was launched yesterday according to the press release on the CFTC website. There have only been a couple industry publications that have picked it up.

The move seems like an attempt to raise the profile of the Whistleblower Office at the CFTC, which has only handed out two awards for a total of less than $1 million so far. It could also be a sign that the program is preparing to hand out a large award and wants to present a polished look to the new visitors it expects to receive from the attention.

The domain name,, is also interesting as it perhaps suggests that there will eventually be a consolidation of information about the other options available to whistleblowers at this domain. is currently operated by the U.S. Department of Labor and provides information about the anti-retaliation protections under twenty-two federal laws that have been consolidated under the purview of OSHA.The IRS and SEC both have sections of their website dedicated to information for whistleblowers.

Although the Department of Justice posts recoveries achieved through False Claims Act settlements on its website and has at various points in time uploaded documents concerning the False Claims Act, there isn’t a central index for these documents. The DOJ also doesn’t encourage filings in the same way that the SEC and CFTC do – the DOJ website link for reporting fraud, waste and abuse takes visitors to information about the OIG and reporting issues at the Justice Department.

To speak to one of our CFTC whistleblower attorneys about the CFTC program, or to discuss a potential whistleblower tip, please call 1-800-590-4116.