CFTC has New Boss: President Obama Taps Timothy Massad

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President Obama has selected Timothy Massad to succeed Gary Gensler as chairman of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).  Skeptics seem justifiably concerned about Massad’s ability and/or willingness to be tough with Wall Street banks.  As a Treasury Department Official, Massad oversaw the bailout of Wall Street’s biggest banks.  Prior to joining the Treasury Department, Massad was a partner at a New York law firm with strong ties to Wall Street.

Massad is now charged with holding wrongdoers on Wall Street accountable at a time when banks seem overrun with dishonest, unethical and scandalous behavior.  This job has become even more challenging as a result of budget concerns and massive fiscal deficits.  Hopefully, Mr. Massad will see the benefits associated with the CFTC working with whistleblowers to better focus scarce resources at serious wrongdoing.

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