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Anti-Fraud Coalition

A New Beginning for The Anti-Fraud Coalition

We congratulate The Anti-Fraud Coalition for their new name and their continued fight against fraud!

As Erika Kelton, Chairwoman of our Board of Directors explained in their press release, “We have outgrown our name. It was a suitable name when we were a small, DC-based organization focused solely on the federal False Claims Act. However, our ranks have grown exponentially and internationally, and our fraud-fighting efforts now reach not only fraud on the federal government but also fraud on state governments, tax and securities frauds, money laundering, sanctions violations, and many other types of fraudulent conduct.”

A Long History of Combatting Fraud

The Anti-Fraud Coalition is a nonprofit organization based in the United States that works to combat fraud against the government and protect taxpayer dollars. TAF Coalition was founded in 1986 and has since become a leading advocate for whistleblowers and the False Claims Act (FCA), a federal law that allows individuals to bring lawsuits on behalf of the government to recover funds lost due to fraud.

The initial goal of the TAF Education Fund was to provide education on the correct understanding and implementation of the federal False Claims Act (FCA) to the courts, the general public, and the legal community.

Over time, the organization experienced rapid growth, expanding from a group of 40 Qui Tam attorneys to a well-regarded community dedicated to combating fraud, comprising over 400 members and supporters.

We look forward to seeing all that The Anti-Fraud Coalition accomplishes.